Employee Spotlight

by Outcome Logix
2 minutes
Employee Spotlight

1) What is working at Outcome Logix?
A - At Outcome Logix they help you to evolve and grow as a recruiter. You are not limited to portals and conventional ways of recruiting. They give you a platform to try something new and get the work done quickly with quality. We believe in giving our candidates and client an experience that gets them back to us every time.

2) Describe Outcome Logix in 3 words
A - Innovation , Speed , Quality

3) What hashtags describe your personality
A - #learnyourway #passionate

4) Where is your happy place?
A - Early morning tea, with my dad, at the nearby beach watching the boats. 

4) What is something people don't know about you?
A - I write really good content, i have been a creative content writer. It helps in    recruiting as well, sending good effective emails. This way I use my passion in my work as well 

5) What has been your favourite project?
A - Any project that pushes my limits excites me, There was a UX project where clients had specific requirements in terms of skills and location etc. I came up with a plan to find these candidates on linkedin, and other portals and did not restrict myself to conventional way of recruiting